Let’s unite beyond borders, fellows!

Reporters Beyond Borders Japan (RBBJ) is a nationwide network of journalists and media professionals in Japan committed to maintaining the integrity and viability of the profession. Our members–regardless of whether they work for companies or independently–share the same commitment to safeguard and to promote people’s right to know the truth and journalistic values.

The Japanese Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, and no Japanese journalist must fear for their physical safety. However, the media’s function as a watchdog has been significantly diminished over the past years due to self-censorship, constraints by the authorities, and a lack of trust from the public. This critical situation must be reformed through a drastically new approach: building horizontal connections among journalists across the country and the world.

In order to fulfill the mission above, RBBJ will organize online events and conferences and provide networking opportunities for journalists. With its revolutionary platform, RBBJ promotes journalistic collective power in order to hold power accountable.

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